Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rubik's Cube for nokia s60v5,5800


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s-tris 2 v1.50 for nokia s60v5

Metal Gear classic for nokia s60v5(5800,n97)

Football Manager 2010 for nokia s60v5

Splinter Cell 5 - Conviction for nokia s60v5

Rebel Raiders Operation Nighthaw for nokia mobiles

virtualKeyboard_0.9.4 for nokia s60v5

Filao Fried Chicken Reloaded for Nokia mobiles

Fart Control v1.00 for nokia s60v3 & s60v5

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Glidik Puzzle for nokia s60v5

Purgatorium(flash game ) for nokia 5800 XM


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Matter Puzzle (flash game) for nokia 5800 XM

Photo Puzzle (flash game) for nokia 5800 XM


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Kraze racing game for nokia s60v5

This game includes one of the feature is multiplayer option
It consists of distinct tracks . Download and enjoy the game

NET Lizard Liquidator 2 for nokia 5800,n97

RAMsaver for nokia S60v5

Python v2.0.0 for nokia S60v5

The new version PyS60 is the new 1.9.7 update for puePython recently released v2.0.0 S60v3 S60v5 SymbianOS9.xsta who is now based onthe new core PyS60 Python 2.5.4 and brings more opportunities for developers and end users as well.

S60 5th Edition introduced a new model of user interaction user interface tactile tactile feedback and support. As a result of this change, all components of the user interface and responds to touch events and their behavior can be customized.

PyS60 touch adds support for the object pointer if the canvas. All other UI widgets such as ListBox, text, etc. usandoPython Form created for S60 works as expected in the 5th ed.

This is an emission of about a code base that has been largely rewritten. PyS60 dev team just want to get feedback and participation from developers, coders and end users love the development and testing process so that users can point to any sharp edges and pointy bits that may have emissions.

The idea is to expose the code at the beginning of the tests and gather information so that the final PyS60 2.0 can be solid and meet their needs.


EDGE_for nokia 5800

Puzzle solving,Cube rolling, , drop dodging,trap tripping, award winning!

FrienzPlay Miluegg Paratrooper v1.00 for nokia 5800,n97

The game "Miluegg Paratrooper" supports Bluetooth head-to-head game. Playing with your friend and catch the fun!

The Sims 3 : World Adventures for nokia S60v5

The Sims 3 World Adventures from EA Mobile takes your Sims on thrilling adventures to world famous destinations. With 55 new goals, 4 mini-games, plus personas, careers & quests.

RamControl_v1.0 for nokia s60v5

Smartphoneware.Best.TaskMan.v2.4 for nokia s60v3 & s60v5

Official Nokia Facebook v1.00 for nokia s60v5

Using facebook application

Post status updates
Review notifications
View newsfeeds
Comment on friend’s status
Search for Friends
View and write walls
View photos
Poke friends
See events and Groups

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bowman2:For the Archer for nokia 5800

Avatar%20Movie for nokia s60v5

CrazyTaxi_3D for nokia s60v5

One of the greatest arcade driving games is now on a crash course for mobile! Pick up passengers and rack up tips for speed & for making the ride as insane as possible! Don't let anyone get in your way as you plow through a big city in 3D, finding shortcuts & jumping traffic to drop off your passengers in one piece before time runs out! It’s not how you get them there that matters, it’s how fast you get them there! Speed, fun, accessibility, plus the addictive score-attack formula provide a “crazy driving” arcade experience unique to its genre.

Asphalt+4 for nokia s60v5

Sunday, January 24, 2010

SkiJumping2010 for nokia s60v5(5800 & n97)


Please remove Version 1.02 before installing ver 1.03!!!

X-plore-20V.1.35-Crack- for nokia s60v5

HelloOX2.v2.03 Unsigned for nokia s60v5

2.03 update
- new feature UnHack! just run HelloOX2 again after Hack, it'll prompt a menu
let you choose UnHack or Hack again (don't use this function after update to
UnHackable firmware)
- include RomPatcher+ update to v2.2 (by Il.Socio)
- Modo removed, because open4all working on all phones, we don't need it now
- compatibility fix for 5700, 6110, 6120, E61, E61i, E65

2.02 update
- include RomPatcher+ v2.0 (by Il.Socio), totally replace the "old" ROMPatcher
- RomPatcher+ working on all Hackable phones, so all phones would install it
- root cert and RomPatcher+ installation back to E90
- compatibility fix for N81

2.01 update
- specially fix for E90, tested on 400.34.93. ROMPatcher seems to not working,
so it have been removed, root cert also removed, only leave installserver
and Modo for E90.
- since ROMPatcher doesn't works on some devices, installing it is now become
optional like Modo
- all files install to C, about install to where problem should be gone. but
E drive still needed for ROMPatcher patches
- other small fixes

What is HelloOX2?

HelloOX2 is an One step hacking for all Symbian S60 3rd & 5th phone.
Hacking mean that it can get full access to your phone's system folders and
files, with this capability, HelloOX2 could install a root certificate to your
phone, and with the root cer & key pair you could sign any apps to install,
include the Manufacturer capabilities requested apps. Completely fix annoying
certificate error!

How to use it?

Install to your phone, run it after install. All steps run automatic, just wait
and see.

Unsigned version is free for download, must sign it with a 17 capabilities
developer certificate before installation.

run HelloOX2 again after Hack, it'll prompt a menu let you choose UnHack or
Hack again.

What HelloOX2 does?

1. Map drive
2. Unpack hacking files to the virtual drive
3. Activate file system
7. Unmap drive
4. Install root certificate
5. Install RomPatcher+ (by Il.Socio)
6. Done!

O-FONEinstaller-for nokia S60v5

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Music Stopper v1.6 S60v5 SymbianOS9x

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