Sunday, October 31, 2010

TuneWiki v2.0 S60v5 applications

TuneWiki's Player is a revolutionary new way to enjoy your favorite music with timed lyrics as you listen toyour music or watch music videos. Translate the lyrics into 40+ languages! Twitter integration andTop 50 charts too!
Optional features for supported phones:
"Shake to Shuffle" streaming YouTube videos with lyrics!

TrueCaller v2.01 S60v5 applications

TrueCaller shows you who is calling before answering if the number is not saved in contacts! TrueCaller is a mobile caller id in real time! and has now been updated with unique features such as a global call filter which users can improve and SMS Popup, to see a preview of an incoming SMS and who the sender is.
With TrueCaller you can also make manual reverse number lookups in more than 25 countries by entering the phone number.You can also save the contact to your phonebook and see the location on a map.

Mykeylock v.1.1.9 S60v5 applications

1. A variety of key plus unlock method:
2. To support custom plus unlock sound;
3. To support it boot from the start;
4. Support is shielded 
sideslip own key;
5. To provide "Restart Phone" feature, simple and fast restart the phone;
6. A variety of sensors plus unlock

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bejeweled S60v5 downloads

Wedding Sale Madness S60v5 downloads

Feel the sale fever with Wedding Sale Madness! Test your skills in a frantic shopping spree at the new bridal superstore and dash for the checkout line! Complete a fun story with over 40 wedding sale challenges and a variety of rival shoppers. Can you survive the mad rush.

Gameloft Gangstar 3 Miami Vindication v.1.0.3 S60v5 downloads

Plunge into Miami gang life and live a fast-paced adventure in the streets of America’s wildest city. Gangstar: Miami Vindication features the most memorable crime story ever in a mobile game, set in hot locations across the city, indoors and out. Defeat the rival Armada gang, free your kidnapped little brother, and become the king of the city! Enjoy new amazing vehicles to drive, from regular cars & motorcycles to jet skis and even a helicopter!

LCG Photobook 1.50g Beta S60v5 applications

Google Maps Mobile or in mobile phone web browser Touch optimized File management: delete file, rename file, create folder, copy file, move file Add images to contact (only on Symbian platform) Send image via: multimedia, bluetooth, infrared, post to web - Nokia Ovi (only on Symbian platform) Shows thumbnails of photos in the current folder Zoom Show EXIF more details in list view mode Fast directory view: moving through directory Many hotkeys Watch slideshow with time setup Show content of ROM/RAM drives (only on Symbian platform)

Mobilizy GmbH WikiTuDe World Browser v5.00(1) S60v5 applications

Augment your world with the WIKITUDE World Browser, the acclaimed Android and iPhone application is now available on Symbian! See the world through your phone's camera view overlaid with Wikipedia content, Qype reviews and user-generated content from Wikitude.me (www.wikitude.me). The WIKITUDE World Browser presents the user with data about their surroundings, nearby landmarks, and other points of interest by overlaying information, so called Worlds (e.g. Flickr, Qype, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, user generated content) on the phone's screen.

DPSoftware Mortgage Calculator PRO v5.1 s60v5 applications

Mortgage loan payments calculator with full amortization schedule, interest calculator, mortgage refinancing, mortgage comparison, affordability calculator, tax, insurance and much more. Bar chart and pie chart support. Send your results via Email/SMS or export it in Excel or Word. Extremely powerful but easy to use.

META friend locator v2.0.6 j2me S60v5 applications

META friend locator META friend locator is an online mobile map application with social features. META generates 5-10 times less data traffic than e.g. Google Maps - making it well suited for
travelling. You get maps covering most of the world,
GPS support and millions of user provided point-of-interest like restaurants and caf├ęs.

eHandySoft ThreadSMS Lite v1.97.4 S60v5 appcations

ThreadSMS Lite is a chat-style(threaded) texting(SMS) tools on Symbian S60. You can read and write SMS in a cool user interface like Msn ,Yahoo, ICO Messager...It gives users a handy follow up screen to track the sent and received sms messages to and from one particular contact.

SISContents v1.65 s60v5 applications

SISContents is a tool that allows you to unpack, edit and sign Symbian 9 SIS packages (Nokia S60 3rd, 5th Edition and Sony Ericsson UIQ 3.x platforms are supported). It helps you to inspect the files contained in SIS package, to see certificates against which it was signed as well as to view the PKG script that describes the on-device installation process. You can also edit the contents of packages and sign them after that.

Anguanjia Safe Manager v1.93(184) S60v5 applications

Security Manager is a comprehensive mobile security software, including the killing rogue virus, firewall, Internet traffic monitoring, system optimization clean up, junk message filtering, harassing phone intercept, process, process management, software ratings reviews, attribution to display , privacy, mobile security, regular tasks and other functions, to your mobile phone to provide a full range of security guard.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Cracked Screen Trick v. 2.00 for S60v5 downloads

This application creates an illusion that your screen has been severely cracked. Use it to play a trick on your friends, colleagues or Mom. We have been told stories of users getting new phones by using this app. That might be taking this prank a little bit too far but it clearly shows how good this trick can work.

Sorcerer v1.62 for S60v3 S60v5 downloads

Sorcerer eight keeper software version: 1.60 is continuously updated signature: the need to crack the mobile phone 19 or signature authority to install the certificate written language: symbian c + +

WordPress v0.8.4 S60v3 and S60v5 downloads

Manage your WordPress blog from your Symbian phone.

WordPress for Symbian is an Open Source application that empowers you to write new posts, edit content, and manage comments with built-in notifications.
WordPress for Symbian supports both WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress (2.7 or higher) blogs.
Installation Note:
- First time installers please install the SECOND FILE "Smart installer for first time users"
- Members who already have the previous version, please install the FIRST SIS FILE for updating"

Endomondo Sports Tracker v4.0 S60v3 and S60v5 downloads

App. features:
- Real time tracking of time, distance, speed and altitude
- Audio feedback per km or mile
- Personal peptalks from friends
- Route displayed on Google maps
- History of workouts and lap times
- Music playlist history

Youlu Address Book v1.0.2 S60v3 and S60v5 downloads

MusicBar v1.0.1 S60v5 downloads

MusicBar : the reincarnation of the program Tap2Play , this application allows you to control player from any application, like the iPhone.

Call of Duty: Black Ops mobile for S60v5 downloads

The Train Defender v. 1.6.2 for S60v5 downloads

Get your feet wet with this breathtaking action game - THE TRAIN DEFENDER. A unique action game is here for you. Go … have a fight over the train to save the passengers, threatened from brutal dacoits. Hovering helicopters, parachutes, ferocious fires, bullets and deadly enemies are all set to challenge you. Demonstrate your courage and skills to complete the three difficulty levels of the game with raging and revitalizing powers in hand. Best of luck!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Podcatcher 1.00.31 S60v5 downloads

A complete podcasting tool or "podcatcher" for Symbian. A podcatcher is an application that downloads, manages and plays podcasts.

My Calcul v1.04.18 S60v3 S60v5 downloads

My Calcul is your calculator and nobody else s: like most other calculator applications, it has a number of function buttons, which perform specific calculations on the number entered or calculated. But unlike in other applications, the buttons in My Calcul can be programmed by you to do exactly the calculations you want. You are free to set the name of each function button and the calculation formula behind it.
The calculation formula behind each button can take several named variables and an unlimited number of parenthesis. In the case of function ft-in>cm, the formula has 2 variables named inches and feet

ScanCodeViewer v1.00 for S60v5 downloads


Press any key to view it's respective scan and key codes.
Use long tap to toggle full screen mode.
Don't expect too much of this since it is my first application written in Symbian C++. You may find it useful if you want to use applications like MusicBar v1.00.1 where you have to enter the scan codes of keys your preferred music player uses.

ChessGenuis v3.6 S60v5 downloads

Installation Note:
as you can see below ..ChessGenuis v3.6 has a nice algorithm which gives
every IMEI number only two valid Codes! ... enjoy :-)

World Series of Poker : Texas Hold'em v1.0 S60v5 downloads

Ready to become a poker legend?

Grab your chips, put on your shades and saddle up to the table. For 35 years the World Series of Poker has defined the 'Big Time' - this is where reputations are made and legends are born.

Go head to head with World Series of Poker champions and improve your game with advice from Chris "Jesus" Ferguson. The Real Deal is here and the richest prize in Poker history is yours for the taking.

Mega Tower Assault for S60v5 downloads

Tower defense game from Gameloft...

Armageddon Squadron v1.0.5 S60v5 downloads

An arcade flight simulator that gives you control of some of the best known aircraft of the WWII era. Objectives include bombing and strafing raids against facilities and convoys, protection of ground troops against enemy aircraft and action-packed dogfights against enemy aces. Prepare to unleash an arsenal of machine guns, bombs, rockets and torpedoes above lush, green countryside, open sea and battle-pocked cities. - Multiplayer: requires WLAN

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

MobiSystems OfficeSuite v5.40 S60v5 applications

MobiSystems OfficeSuite is a complete mobile office solution, allowing you to create, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files away from your office. The new version 5 of the MobiSystems OfficeSuite has been especially enhanced with Microsoft ® Office 2007 file support. You can enjoy all of the great features of MobiSystems OfficeSuite 4 + the ability to open new Microsoft ® Office 2007 DOCX and XLSX files on your S60 5th Edition phone. The program utilizes the most commonly used desktop document formats and allows you to easily acquire your sensitive documents on your handset. With the advanced editing features you can modify documents on the fly and save them in their original format, just ready to be used back on your desktop PC.

UC Thunder 1.02(24) S60v5 applications

UC Thunder is excellent, as companies such as mobile terminal platform based on mobile phones developed by a Chinese language interface.
It has a powerful multi-protocol support and resource aggregation, and support to download large files, support multi-tasking multi-threaded download, support for HTTP, Thunder, Express, BT download resources, and Users recommend the most popular download resource, providing vast amounts of resources retrieval. For mobile phone users, the use of UC Thunder is free. Thunder UC UC browser with each call, the mobile phone users with a more powerful download features and services.

Evernote v1.0.70302 Beta S60v5 applications

There are free and premium (this is what I pay for) options for Evernote and I imagine that most people can get by just fine with a free account. I think the product is so compelling and useful that I want to support them with my money even if I don t use all the features of the premium service. The premium services is $45 per year and gives you 500MB of uploads per month, more file upload support, advanced collaboration, and enhanced security. Premium accounts are also free of promotions and ads that may appear on free accounts.
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