Thursday, June 30, 2011

Melon Advance Device Locks Pro v2.08.120 symbian 3 game downloads

A program that you can put your phone password

* Password setting in Contacts

* Messaging password setting

* Files encryption

* Applications password v.b koyabilme

Harald Meyer Camera Pro v.2.0(3) symbian 3 game downloads

CameraPro offers fast access to N8 camera and video: 11x digital zoom, raw jpeg stream, flash, whitebalance, exposure(compensation), effects(negativ,...), virtual horizon, compass, anti-shake, time lapse, bracket(HDR), continuous autofocus, macro, manual ISO, presets, self timer, burst shooting, face-detection, 720p video (up to 30 fps), expert video with custom frame sizes, bitrate, video/audio codec, frame rates. New: Facebook, FlickR, TwitPic, Picasa.

Voyager Home Screen v3.52 symbian 3 game downloads

Voyager Home Screen (vHome) is the most powerful desktop UI on Nokia phones.Give you HTC Sense and iPhone style UI on S60 , and totally free!
1.Powerful home screen features include
2.Beautiful big retro clock or analog clock
3.News feeds and weathe
4.Put all your apps into neat pages to flick through ,like iPhone
5.one click on/off widgets: bluetooth, silent profile,phone lock
6.send twits from home screen

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Virtualkeyboard - v.0.09(4) symbian 3 game downloads


The program can display on top of all applications are as follows: dzhostik, Qwerty keyboard, with the usual Claudia dzhostikom not greater than the panel for editing posts and SMS mini Qwerty.
The program runs in the startup, the program menu as shown on top of everything there and you can select the function that you nuzhna.Na the device's screen you will see the icon V_K this is the menu.

Lonely Cat Games PhotoBook v.2.10 symbian 3 game downloads

- Photo viewer for mobile phone, image viewer for cell phone- Software for symbian and windows mobile smartphones - pocket pc- Facebook pictures uploader, picasa uploader, photobucket uploader and flickr uploader- Easy create photo gallery- Many supported images format such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, animated GIF- GPS tags opened in Google Maps Mobile or in mobile phone web browser- Touch optimized picture viewer- File management: delete file, rename file, create folder, copy file, more file- Add images to contact- Send image via: multimedia, bluetooth, infrared, post to web - Nokia Ovi (only on Symbian platform)- Shows thumbnails in the current folder- Zoom- Show EXIF more details in list view mode- Fast directory view: moving through directory- Watch slideshow with time setup- Show content of ROM/RAM drives (only on Symbian platform)

SHAPE Services Mobiscope v2.9.10 symbian 3 game downloads

Video from webcams on mobile - for home surveillance or just for fun! No need to purchase any expensive equipment. All you need is a webcam or network camera on your computer to record everything that goes on when you are away. Mobiscope can monitor the area for motion and transfer the recording to your mobile phone.Watch real time webcam video stream on your mobile. Keep an eye on your children even when away from home; See your loved one at any time when separated by distance or observe your work place and employees in the office during trips.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

HelloOX2 v2.11 symbian 3 game downloads

HelloOX2 is a One step Hacking tool for Symbian S60 3rd, 3rd FP1, 3rd FP2, 5th, Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna smartphones.
Hacking mean that getting full access to the phone's system files, with that capability, we can install a root certificate, and with the root certificate, we can install anything we want to mod the phone, include the Manufacturer capabilities requested apps. Completely fix annoying certificate error!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Somyac Font Zoomer v2.21 symbian 3 game downloads

NOW WITH FONT ZOOMER - NOKIA PURE FONT AVAILABLE ON YOUR PHONE! Font Zoomer is the application that allows you to fully customize font in your handset.
Using Font Zoomer you can replace system font and change size and space between characters .

Innopros Led-It v1.2 symbian 3 game downloads

Led-It lets you create fun, animated screens to your mobile.
You can choose one of the ready-made templates or do one yourself with nice scrolling animation in retro style.
Enjoy this app now!

Jbak TaskMan v1.41 symbian 3 game downloads

This is a freeware version of the powerfull task manager. Programm can completely replace system task-list, and contain many features for managing task, processes, and quick running of applications.
● Ultimate replacement of standard task list, which called by menu-key long press.● Customisable quick launch, where you can add program, document, phone number, SMS and e-mail.● List of all programs in your phone with quick search by name or UID.● List of processes, threads, chunks with quick search.● Quick and stable termination of busy tasks.● Autorun of programms.● Phone reboot.● Uninstalling of sis-applications.● Info about free memory.● Clocks with seconds and date with day of week.● Detailed information about runned task, which you can copy to clipboard.● Quick task switch by pressing and holding menu-key (Smooth task switch)● Remember last-visited position in system phone menu.● Detailed setting of menu-key● Powerfull possibilities for power and memory saving

Friday, June 17, 2011

F-Secure Anti-Theft v7.0(17240) symbian 3 game downloads

With F-Secure Anti-Theft for Mobile you can be sure that your personal and confidential information won ?t be misused by anyone. - Lock your phone remotely via SMS - Erase the confidential data remotely via SMS - Get informed who stole your phone - Locate your phone - Easy to upgrade with additional security features directly via mobile.

Tap2Screen v1.4 symbian 3 game downloads

●Making screenshots by pressing on touch screen of your device● Separate position of the button for portrait and landscape mode● Drag and drop for hot key● Support transparency of hot key (only for S60v5)● Ability to put watermarks on screenshot● Selectable image quality● Sound and vibro alerts after making screenshot● Adjustable time of delay

CvbSoft CvbCalc v1.00 symbian 3 game downloads

Simple and Easy to use Scientific Calculator

Monday, June 13, 2011

SymbRecorder V5.20 symbian game 3 downloads

Totally new business level call recorder & voice recorder! Phone call recording automatically or manually, BEEP FREE! Voice memo recording, make your phone as a dictaphone

Most advanced beep suppression technique, 3 Beep Suppression Modes: Mode1 Perfect quality in amr/wav format with no audio gaps, the device side will hear a beep but the other side will NOT, for newer cellphones
Mode2 Perfect quality in amr/wav format with no audio gaps, both sides will NOT hear the beep, profile will be changed before recording and recovered after recording automatically, for older cellphones
Mode3 With some loss of audio (This is tunable, so it can usually be improved) in amr format, both sides will NOT hear the beep, for all cellphones

Nokia Compass v1.00 symbian game 3 downloads

Qt Quick application that integrates Compass information and OVI maps.

Compass is a Forum Nokia example application that teaches the use of a traditional compass and allows the user to determine the bearing to the desired location using Ovi maps. The main purpose of the example application is to demonstrate the use of the Maps and Navigation API.
Running the application

Somyac Font Zoomer v2.20(0) symbian game 3 downloads

Font Zoomer is the application that allows you to fully customize font in your handset. Using Font Zoomer you can replace system font and change size,transparency and space between characters.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Harald Meyer CameraPro v2.00 symbian 3 game downloads

Features have little variation due to different hardware used in various phone models. For instance not all phones have a compass sensor. 
- Quick access (one-tap) to all functions- Near Continuous Digital Zoom- Raw jpeg stream (raw data received from camera)- Various flash modes- Whitebalance- Exposure modes and compensation- Image Controls: Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Sharpness- Effects: negative, sepia, black/white, natural, ...- Shooting assistance: virtual horizon, compass, sparse- and dense grids- Camera modes: anti-shake, time lapse, bracket (for HDR), self-timer, burst shooting- Macro modes- Manual ISO level- Presets (to store and load custom settings)- Background processing: pictures are stored in background (allows faster shooting)- Video mode with different frame rates (15, 25, 30)- Expert video mode to gain full access to video features of phone

T-Fileman v1.00 symbian 3 game downloads

T-Fileman is a file browser special designed for symbian^3 system mobile, such as Nokia N8, E7, C6, C7, E6 and X7 T-Fileman show file/folders in Tree view and List view, that make it very easy and clear to browser and operate on files.Well designed buttons speed your operation. Just try it, you'll love it!

Harald Meyer ClearSMS v1.0.2 symbian 3 game downloads

ClearSMS provides a transparent SMS layer which runs above almost every application. Now you can write your SMS while in the background the camera/video image is shown, while navigation with Nokia maps, watching video, reading Twitter, Facebook, Email etc.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

retail & Gravity v1.51.6757 symbian 3 game downloads

Gravity is the first fully-featured and native Twitter client for the S60 platform. It supports multiple accounts, Twitter Search, Laconica, Ping.fm, posting of pictures via MobyPicture & TwitPic and wraps everything into a gorgeous

Picobrothers AK47 v1.00 symbian 3 game downloads

This is an AK47 gun for your phone. Works with: Symbian S60 5th and Symbian^3 devives
1.0.0 First official release
0.9.2 Added vibration and shot counter, improved sound, fixed bugs
0.9.1 Minor bug fixes

MusicTouch V1.0.0 symbian 3 game downloads

A clean, simple music player with a beautiful interface will make you want to listen to your music all day long. Switch between your music and the controls with a single swipe, set the volume with just a tap.

Kaspersky Lab KMS9 v9.4.95 symbian 3 game downloads

Kaspersky Mobile Security 9.0 is aimed at providing comprehensive protection for mobile devices.

picoBrothers Lightsaber v1.00 symbian 3 game downloads

Ever wished you could swing your phone around like a lightsaber? Well now you can. As you swing your phone, a range of sound effects will be emitted. Not only that, but you can also draw and withdraw your lightsaber. Personalize the lightsaber in your favorite color by changing the chrystal. May the Force be with you!

Monday, June 6, 2011

ITAgents Theft Aware v2.00 symbian 3 game downloads

* Backup SMS that are important to you to another phone *Let the phone call you back * Implement your own SMS command * Get the current GPS location of your phone if available * Activate a loud siren, customize the siren sound * Wipe the phone and erase all private data stored on it * Backup all your contacts to another phone * Get online map services links to Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps or Microsoft Bing Maps * Lock the phone (support for emergency calls during lock mode)

Harald Meyer CameraPro v2.00 symbian 3 game downloads

CameraPro processes images in background, so you can capture more images directly after taking a picture. But CameraPro provides 100% quality (=raw jpeg) by default which results in up to 5 times larger image sizes (like 10 MB instead of 2 MB). Thus sometimes CameraPro can be a little bit slower than the built in camera when taking pictures with 100% quality.

AccuWeather v1.1.608 symbian 3 game downloads

With this application you'll have access to the following content: current conditions and severe weather risk for the next 6 hours, rain and snow totals for the next 5 days, temperature and sky conditions for the next 15 hours; 10 days and nights of forecasts; 15 hours of hourly forecast information; a 15-day forecast, high temperature, 9 stored locations, low temperature, daytime high wind speed; and radar (U.S. locations only) or satellite map centered on your location with 5 levels of zoom.

Arise Joyeye Lite v2.00(244) symbian 3 game downloads

Joyeye - Capturing, editing and sharing wonderful photos. To make your life be colorful!

HongDi Tech DuDu Recorder v5.45 symbian 3 game downloads

- Fix the bug that the software often exit after setup.
- Fix the bug that can't enter the setup when remove the memory card.
- Fix the bug that the icon not displayed correct on Symbian^3's device.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

picobrother Sound Buttons v2.00 symbian 3 game downloads

Cool sound effects and voices, easy accessible with big fat buttons.
Included sounds: Alarm, Car alarm remote, Attention bell, Door bell, Looser, Mean laugh, Smoke detector, Yes, Droid, Toilet flush, Cough and Burp. Get the full version and load your phone with 101 sound effects.

Malcolm Bryant JabpLite v1.76 symbian 3 game downloads

The idea behind JabpLite has been to write a sophisticated personal finance program in Java MIDP which will work on a range of devices including Symbian phones and the Blackberry. JabpLite has many features to help you keep track of your finances

Facebook Browser v1.00(1) symbian 3 game downloads

Browse Facebook with the optimized web interface for touch handsets. Our browser takes advantage of HTML5 for increased performance & usability.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boombakas Pro v2.2.18 symbian 3 game downloads

Nokia Battery Monitor v2.00 symbian 3 game downloads

Nokia Battery Monitor shows you the battery charge level with estimates of remaining usage time and charging time. It also provides statistics of your recent energy usage. Information can be viewed in full screen application or homescreen widget.

Tekken mobile s60v5 symbian 3 game downloads

this morning i send you the classic game TEKKEN !!!
100% functiunel, it's the version of ovi store (free in 1region, and not possible download in other region.....i don't know why....)

SBSH Cuckoo v1.02

Keep track of time with Cuckoo! Turn your phone into a grandfather clock or electronic desk clock or wristwatch! Choose from several sound options, and Cuckoo will chime every hour so you'll always stay on track! Choose operation hours from the Settings. Cuckoo runs in the background, and auto-starts with your phone (can be disabled from the options).

AirSwype symbian 3 game downloads

AirSwype, is a game where the user must draw the presented figure to the air by the phone as precise as possible.
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