Friday, December 31, 2010

Microcopter (EN) for Symbian 3 (N8,E7,C7,C6-01) game downloads

 Microcopter is a 2D skill game where you can pilot a small helicopter in a household universe filled with traps. Manoeuvre the small helicopter carefully through all parts of the house - the kitchen,

Dynamite Fishing 2 (EN) for S60v5 (5800,N97) game downloads

Spacy fishing simulation with much action and many explosions
Up to 6 different countries with obscure opponents
Thrilling tournament for the world championship
Great selection of weapons for tactical and action-packed fights
Crazy fish and bird types to catch and love

Santa Claus X (EN) (NET Lizard ) for S60v5,Symbian 3 game downloads

 Help Santa Claus collect the presents have been stolen and found abandoned in the South Pole and the penguins  (NET Lizard Santa Claus X (EN) for S60v5,Symbian 3 (5800,N97,N8,E7,C7,C6-01) game downloads)

World Pool Masters ML for S60v5 game downloads

 The World Pool Masters is the most established and important tournament in pool the biggest slickest and grandest event in the world (World Pool Masters ML for S60v5 (5800,N97) game downloads)

E-5 Underground 3D for S60v5 (5800,N97,N95,N73) game downloads

 Are you ready for a crazy race? The best drivers from all over the world are meeting in the street! All racers will compete fiercely to win the girl he loves..

Thursday, December 30, 2010

ThinkChange ALL Products S60v3 S60v5 downloads

vHOME v2.40 beta S60v5 downloads

Voyager Home Screen(vHome) is a FREE ware helps you customize your S60's home screen with big clock, start menu, weather, news ticker,Google,fav contact,smart dialing ,etc.

TopTaskMan v1.1.3 S60v3 S60v5 downloads

Start the program will be on the phone screen, hide running programs in the background! (Long press the menu key to achieve the function), click on the icon to quickly access the program!
- Support to set the icon position to enter the cell phone left foot subject X, Y coordinates can be
- Support for setting the icon size, type X (the icon height), Y (icon length) value, easy set
- Support for setting the icon length options the length of the main display on the screen, X horizontal, Y is vertical, any value of 0, arranged in a very straight line! Options settings, close the program restart to take effect!

DuDu Recorder v5.10 S60v3 S60v5 downloads

DuDu is a Call Recorder for Symbian S60 phones. This application is easy to

use, while retaining all of the features you'll ever need.

DuDu uses super memory light AMR format, so you can literally record thousands of hours of

calls on memory cards. You can browse, sort, delete and transfer all the

phone calls with ease

iOS 4.1 H $ C K $ R SPBShell Mod S60v5 downloads

-- EDIT -- For all who want text under icons or widgets such as Wifi, Bluetooth, Weather etc. Just make anywhere in phone some .txt file and rename it to Wi-fi or Weather etc. And in SPBShell add new widget - File link and search your created .txt file =) And you have done. Notepad icon with text under this icon. And now add your own widget. For example Wi-fi and add this widget in the same position, as your .txt file =) It will be icon on the icon =)

3D Rollercoaster Rush S60v5 downloads

Take riders on a gut-wrenching underground coaster ride in 3D, with the camera angles shifting as you go! Negotiate colossal jumps, dizzy loops, impulsive danger and more! Race for the best time without flying off the tracks! Speed increases your excitement meter but even small jolts are enough to send carts hurtling into underground chasms.

Armageddon Squadron v1.0.5 S60v5 downloads

An arcade flight simulator that gives you control of some of the best known aircraft of the WWII era. Objectives include bombing and strafing raids against facilities and convoys, protection of ground troops against enemy aircraft and action-packed dogfights against enemy aces. Prepare to unleash an arsenal of machine guns, bombs, rockets and torpedoes above lush, green countryside, open sea and battle-pocked cities. - Multiplayer: requires WLAN

Adobe Flash Lite v4.01.1 S60v5 downloads

Adobe has released the Flash Lite 4.0 language reference. Flash Lite 4 is based on Flash Player 10. It offers features to improve the web browsing experience for users of mobile devices. Many of these features were present in Flash Player 9 but not supported in Flash Lite; they are now supported in Flash Lite 4. Flash Lite 4 introduces the ability to play back Adobe® ActionScript™ 3.0 content when encountered on Flash 10 websites. Flash Lite 4 also supports the processing and playback of ActionScript 3.0, which was introduced in Flash Player 9.

Digitalfootmark Lock Screen v0.15(92) S60v3 S60v5 downloads

This will improve the keylock feature greatly in S60 devices. This changes the default screensaver with a brighter and more informative screensaver.
Currently it has the following features:
- Show the current time and date
- Show the battery status
- Show missed calls
- Show unread messages and emails
- Show bluetooth and WLAN indicators
- Show GPS indicator (works only in S60 3.2 and 5.0 devices)
- Calendar entries (still in progress)
- Coming soon: Settings view, Disable blank screen in touch phones, Music status, More..

imiChat v1.17.1 S60v3 S60v5 downloads

Welcome the new era of mobile video chat. imiChat is an instant communication application that connects mobile phones and PCs, allowing users to communicate with each other using instant text messages as well as two-way interactive video. Leveraging Mobim Technologies' state-of-the-art mobile video technologies, imiChat is able to support smooth two-way video over todays 2.5G GPRS networks.

Nokia Battery Monitor v1.2 S60v5 downloads

Nokia Battery Monitor shows you the battery charge level with estimates of remaining usage time and charging time. It also provides statistics of your recent energy usage. Information can be viewed in full screen application or homescreen widget. Please do not use launch button in Ovi Store after installation launch Battery Monitor from your application menu or homescreen widget

Facebook CHAT App S60v5 downloads

Palringo is the ultimate Instant Messaging client for mobile phones and computers.Now you can chat with all your buddies, no matter what IM they use, all from one universal Instant Messenger.
Windows Live Messenger ® (MSN),AOL ® Instant Messenger (AIM),Yahoo! ® Messenger,Google Talk ™,ICQ ®,Jabber ®,iChat® / MobileMe ®,QQ ®,Gadu-Gadu ®,Facebook Chat (Alpha)
Express yourself in chat with emoticons and smileys to show your friends how you’re feeling.

Resco Photo Viewer v6.00 for S60v3,S60v5,Symbian 3 (N8,E7,C7,C6-01) Application downloads

 Resco Photo Viewer for Symbian OS is a great assistant in handling all of your photos on the phone. Use it to view, organize and share images and to give attractive presentations. Fast and high quality preview, faxes, gif animations, intelligent slideshow. Color editing and all standard image functions are included. The application is now fully touch optimized on all touch-screen devices.
New Features in version 6.00

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

SoundHound v. 3.01 for S60v5 downloads

Numpty Physics v0.02 S60v5 (n5800 n97) downloads

LightCtrl boost u're screen for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7,C6-01) application downloads

Touch balance v1.3.0 for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7,C6-01) application downloads

shMessenger v3.2.14 for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7,C6-01) application downloads

Sports Tracker v4.00 for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7,C6-01) application downloads

The Shotgun v1.02 for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7,C6-01) application downloads

Sally's Studio EN for S60v5 (5800,N97) game downloads

35 levels of frantic studio action throughout 7 unique locations, including Rio, Milan and Sydney.
 5 mini-games for all kinds of services: coach your customers through yoga, aerobics, or dance exercises.
 2 exclusive mobile modes: Time Attack and Survival Mode.

Spider Man Total Mayhem HD v1.0.6 for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7,C6-01) game downloads

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man battles to save his beloved city! Spider-Man will need to use all of his great powers to save New York from the worst breakout of Super Villains the city has ever seen. Fight against time to stop the madness and mayhem created by the Super Villains who want to take over the city and disperse a poisonous virus! Spider-Man: Total Mayhem captures all the action, humor and fun of the Ultimate series in state-of-the-art gameplay and animations. Are you up for the challenge?

EA SimCity Deluxe v1.33.67 for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7,C6-01) game downloads

The beloved, original SimCity is back and rebuilt for mobile. Design your dream city with SimCity Deluxe. As Mayor & City Planner, choose a map and zone residential, commercial, and industrial areas. You call the shots, managing all aspects of town life, while preparing to deal with disasters and balancing your budget. Set your pace, achieve milestones, and see your SimCity come to life!

World Adventures v4.20.24 (EA The Sims 3 ) Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7,C6-01) game downloads


The Sims™ 3 World Adventures from EA Mobile takes your Sims on thrilling adventures to world famous destinations.

Explore destinations in Egypt, China, France, and America. Enjoy an international twist on Sims-style gameplay with 55 new goals and 4 new mini-games — plus personas, careers, and quests. Also select new exotic furniture and ingredients.

The Sims™ 3 World Adventures. New Lands. New Adventures.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Finger Race Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7,C6-01) game downloads

This game is all about running as fast as you can with your fingers. Choose between 100 and 400 cm races and compete against your friends.

Crazy Penguin Party for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7) game downloads

 Fend off invading Polar Bears by hurling courageous penguins at them with your trusty catapult! Over 30 levels of hilarious action including boss battles and special penguin power-ups

Ben 10 Alien Force Vengeance for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7) Mobile game downloads

 Ben 10 Alien Force Vengeance of Vilgax is a cool Java game for Symbian S60 5th edition based touch screen mobile phones. Vilgax has returned. He challenged Ultimos, the greatest hero of planet Teekay, and in defeating him absorbed all of his power. The great conqueror of ten worlds is now more fearsome than ever and he's looking for the hero of the Earth. Be ready Ben, he is coming for you.

Bounce Boing Battle Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7) game downloads

Two mobiles. One game. Play ball. Challenge your friend in a fast-paced duel. Bounce a ball back and forth between two devices by drawing collision lines into the game area and score points by delivering the ball into your opponent ’s goal. Download now and have a ball

Battle Blocks Touch for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7) game downloads

 Battle Blocks Lite Touch is a nice puzzle game for Symbian touch screen mobiles. In this lite version of game, you can play against 5 first opponent in a single player game to just get in touch with this game.
Play against your friends or computer in this fast paced puzzle game. You need to use your wits to create multirow combos to gain special actions, that can be used against your opponent. Speed is of the essence - you must hurry to gain the dynamites needed to blow up the brickwalls set up by your enemy!

Blast Blox for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7) game downloads

Blast Blox is a cool and exciting game for Symbian touch screen mobile phones. You will get a feel of bricks game along with other cool actions.
Blast Blox is a brick-shattering, very addictive and arcade puzzle action game. Get ready for brick shattering, fire crackling, and addictive arcade puzzle action. Blast Blox, a wonderful and revolutionary new puzzle game. This addictive falling-block puzzler tests your responses and tactics as you create instant reactions to transform blocks from bricks to water that drains away.

Animals Pair Up for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7) game downloads

Animals Pair Up is a great new game for Symbian touch screen mobiles. The game offers superb graphics and lovely sound. In this game, you need to exchange neighboring animals and connect three or more animals together. There is time limit at some barriers. Fulfill the targets within the specified time, otherwise game will be closed.

Aqua Blast Free for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7) game downloads

 A richly animated matching game set in the water world! Create matches of 3 or more of the same colour to explode the advancing balls before they drop into water pool. If successful, you advance to the next stage.
If the balls drop into the water pool, you lose a life. Get started, and have an aqua blast

Badman Brothers for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7) game downloads

Badman Brothers or in short Badman Bros. is an exciting Java game for symbian S60 5th edition based touch screen smart phones such as Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, N97, N97 Mini, X6, 5230, 5233, 5235 and 5530 XpressMusic. The game is all about real thieves who just want to have everything that comes to their way, in their bag.

BlockGO Lite for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7) game downloads

BlockGO Lite is a free version of BlockGO, addictive puzzle game specially for kids and adults. Gaming rule is simple, move colorful blocks by your finger, and lead the red BlockGO right to the exit.

Block Drop for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7) game downloads

 Block game. Fill rows with dropping blocks to destroy them. Play until your blocks reaches to the top of the screen. You are able to select starting level, which will effect to the speed of the game and the points you get. You can have one block in a save spot for further use. Save block to the spot by pressing it,

BoxIt 2 for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7) game downloads

Follow an ancient Inca trail and help Marv to solve the old Inca mysterious in the ruins of Kazarakt. Beneath the ruins is the entrance to the mines of Kazarakt. The mines are said to hold enormous amounts of gold and treasures. To unlock the entrance,

Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7) game downloads

The winter is coming. Crazy hamster forgot to store his supplies. Now he has to visit different lands to get them before winter. Hamster is so crazy, that he sees nothing but the fruits. The lands he visits are full of traps and obstacles that he won't even notice. You have to help him and neutralize those traps.

Castelvania for Symbian 3 game downloads

Everyone ’s favourite blood sucking vampire is back in Castlevania®: Order of Shadows. The Belmonts have once again picked up their whips, potions, and selected Desmond to defend the family’s honor in an entirely new chapter of the Castlevania story.

World Flags for Symbian 3 (N8,C7,E7) game downloads

 World Flags is an interesting Java game for Symbian S60 5th touch screen mobile phones. Do you know the flags of all the countries of the world? Or even do you know their capitals?
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