Saturday, July 2, 2011

Facebook Browser v1.00(1) symbian 3 game downloads

Browse Facebook with the optimized web interface for touch handsets. Our browser takes advantage of HTML5 for increased performance & usability.

N-Desk v2.6.08 symbian 3 game downloads

FEATURES :  1 to solve the problem of excessive some icons  2 Ultimate Skin Support icon background: through the skin, you can add an icon for each icon in the background, so you can achieve exactly the same for each icon size, equivalent to 100 percent complete icons theme  (3) Strengthen the data storage module, the data is not easy to lose, this version, you can use third-party software off the desktop or N to restart the phone without losing data  4. Join cycle slip  5. To enhance the accuracy of sliding, sliding left hand to avoid sliding the screen to the right problem  6 for Symbian ^ 3 phones do speed optimization  7 solution with skin, text color problem can not be saved  8. Optimization when you first install the automatic classification to increase the "office" folder and automatically add the icon for  9 When the icon is removed from the shortcut bar, support for the insert operation. Directly to the shortcut icon on the toolbar icons into the top before any  10. Solve mobile phone for fonts, slide to unlock screen displays the date of issue of incomplete  11 of the folder to save the module is optimized to avoid phone problems caused by coding the data can not restore backup problems  12 Improved backup and restore module, to avoid multiple backup and restore operation, resulting in waste paper  13 sensors plus / unlock set by adding the number of  14 added volume setting slide to unlock  15. Address the sliding process, sometimes misuse the issue of open programs

LCG Profmail v3.48 symbian 3 game downloads

Features :- Automatic synchronization of messages with the mail server- IMAP folders- Attachments - view, save, send- HTML messages with images and hyperlinks- Built-in File Explorer- Push email - instant notification about new messages (using IMAP IDLE)- Address book- Signatures- Support for POP3 / IMAP / SMTP mail servers- Writing mails using T9 dictionary (if available on phone)- Multiple email accounts- Rules and filters allowing selective message download- Opens and browses ZIP archives- Support for various character encoding - Western, Cyrillic, Central European, and more- Build-in image viewer for JPG, PNG and other popular formats- Text viewer for standard text, HTML and Word documents- Optimized for GPRS - get headers first, then download message bodies which - you really want to see- Scheduled message download- Sound notifications

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pico Brothers Ltd Puppy Talk 1.0.1 symbian 3 game downloads

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This dog will be obedient to repeat after you said everything.
Like Talking Tom on iPhone.

Recommended to be install on C drive.

Faster response

Free-iSMS AllInOne v1.15 3G symbian 3 game downloads

The message interface of iSMS is in dialogue style as iPhone. The complete functions make iSMS an ideal replacement of system messages. iSMS provides multi-channel of text message, iChat and Fetion, the optimum channel will be selected intelligently in premise of successful message delivery, which is reliable and money-saving.
iChat is a real time message function provided by iSMS. The user can send text message to other iChat users without adding any contact. The real time communication is efficient and money-saving. The message delivery status will be shown as a small circle on the up left corner of the dialogue: rotating circle shows that the message is being delivered; a full circle shows that message has been delivered to the mobile of the contact; a tick on the circle shows that the message has been read by the contact.Since iChat is an instant message communication service, the user needs to set the network of the mobile as "net" and "Wifi". If the settings are cmwap、ctwap or uniwap, the user will not be able to use iChat service. The telecommunication operator will charge the data flow fee if the user chooses the "net" network.

Nokia BetaLabs Nokia Play to v10.02(3) symbian 3 game downloads

New release is out! The new version of Nokia Play To includes Xbox support and many other small improvements here and there.
Nokia Play To lets you show photos and videos taken with your mobile to your friends wirelessly on your TV. Or you can listen to your favourite music stored on your mobile with your home audio system. Just launch Play To, select the device and media you want to play. No configuration is needed once WLAN is on and all devices are connected to the same network.
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